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The National Urban Housing & Economic Community Development Corporation (NUHECDC) offers a unique and dynamic approach to improving the lives of low- to moderate-income families and their communities through affordable housing, career skills training, living wage jobs, and small business development.


For many urban communities, high unemployment, low home ownership, high rents, low business ownership, and few opportunities are chronic problems.   Most nonprofits and government agencies attack these problems one at a time, but . . . 


What good is job training, if there are no jobs?


What good are more affordable homes if you are unemployed?


What good are jobs that require skills that you don't have?


The NUHECDC is different! We offer:

     1) a well thought-out, comprehensive plan that addresses the many inter-related challenges plaguing urban communities;

     2) tools, resources and opportunities that empower participants to dramatically improve their lives;

     3) a multi-faceted model that can be duplicated to transform distressed communities


Learn more about Our Projects, About Us, how you can Get Involved,  Make a Donation, WATCH VIDEO or Shop to Donate, see below.

NUHECDC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization © 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. The National Urban Housing & Economic CDC


Our mission is to provide transferable skill training, living wage jobs for people with barriers to employment, and quality affordable housing for low- to moderate-income families and seniors in urban areas throughout the country, with an emphasis on home ownership.

Our primary projects include:


   -  Affordable Housing

   - Home Ownership

   - Living Wage Jobs

   - Job Training


To enroll in a project, call 503-477-7387 for more information.

Watch Video


Please donate to the work of our CDC to support projects that empower lives and transform communities.


NUHECDC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


All donations are fully tax deductible.

Get Involved

Join us in helping others help themselves.

            - Offer a professional service

      - Contribute money

      - Volunteer time

      - Donate land or office space

      - Make an in-kind donation

      - Shop to donate

      - Ask your employer about matching fund donations

Help Us When U Shop on Amazon

Whenever you shop on, a donation can be made to the NUHECDC if you use See how on our Shop To Donate page.

Add Your Imput

A Home Of their Own!


There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing the big, happy smiles of  children moving into their very own home.


Homeownership can lead to more stability for families, both emotionally and financially.


Donations Welcome

We welcome donations of land, money, buildings supplies, and in-kind services.