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Get involved.

You can help in so many different ways.
a man a fish,
he eats for a day
.  .  .
a man to fish,
he can eat for a LIFETIME!

 Can you . . .


     Eat for Good?  You're invited to Danwei Canting on Nov. 21 from 11:30 AM to 9 PM to enjoy Chinese food. 20% of sales proceeds will be donated to NUHECDC. Be sure to mention that you are there for the fundraising event.  DETAILS


     Make a tax deductible donation?

     Volunteer time for a fundraiser?

      Donate in-kind services, like professional legal, accounting or grant writing services

        (take a tax deductible   write-off)?

     Bring your ideas, energy and enthusiasm to help make a difference?

     Shop online to help NUHECDC? (just designate NUHECDC to receive a donation)

     (online stores include Amazon, Nordstrom, Hotels.com,  REI , PetSmart, etc.)

     Volunteer your time as a mentor for a job trainee?


     Shop on Amazon.com? (go to AmazonSmile.com for details)

     Donate warehouse or office space (get tax deductible write-off)?


     Use your Fred Meyer Rewards Card? (Learn how to shop to help NUHECDC)

     Donate land to build affordable housing (get a tax deductible write-off)?


      Contribute materials or supplies like lumber, tools, doors, windows, etc.

         (and get a tax deductible write-off)?

     Donate landscaping services (take a tax deductible write-off)?


     Help coordinate a crowdfunding campaign?







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Professionals Volunteering

Professionals volunteer their expertise