Our Projects. 

Our projects are designed to enrich the lives of low income and moderate income urban families. We offer a comprehensive, three-prong approach to combat poverty and to help build financial stability, security, and long term wealth building opportunities.

Project 1.    Affordable Housing

We build affordable, high quality single family homes, row houses, and condominiums in urban areas to provide low- and moderate-income families with the opportunity to achieve the American Dream of home ownership.

Home ownership provides stability for families and communities. It allows families to begin creating lifelong
wealth through equity.


To take the first steps to home ownership, please call 503-477-7387 or email: HomeAndJobs@yahoo.com.

Project 2.    Job Training

We offer skills training for a variety of construction jobs, from framing a home to interior finish work to veterans, welfare recipients, ex-offenders, at-risk youth, and others with barriers to employment.  Construction skills are transferable and in demand across the country and around the world. As trainees gain more skills, they can expect their wages to increase. Like Henry Ford, we believe it is important for workers to be able to afford the products they make. 


To learn about our construction training opportunities, please call 503-477-7387.

Project 3.    Living Wage Jobs

We offer our trainee graduates placement in living wage jobs with local contractors and builders.


To learn about our construction training opportunities, please call 503-477-7387.



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